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Beauty – « YAMOBAYE » Crème de croissance enrichie au Chébé 250 ml

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Growth cream for any type of hair made from Shea butter, coconut oil, various vegetable oils, Vitamin E and lavender essential oil. keep cool. Duration of use 6 months after opening. Allow 48 hours for sending


Use tips: Styling cream, to be applied to wet hair, avoid the scalp.
Product action: Makes hair growth easier and stronger, softens hair and makes it easier to style.
Packaging: Reusable transparent plastic or PET for large pots
Texture: Cream
Nature: For all hair types
Formats: In a jar of 100 ml jar and 250 ml double translucent plastic wall with protective cup (for perfect hygiene). Very aesthetic and high-end for better packaging
Composition: Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil and Chebe powder in olive oil macerat, aloe vera oil, vitamin E and HE lavender.
Conservation: 6 months in a cool place sheltered from a heat source.
Sale price €12.50
Origin: Chad, MAPERLE partner and Central Africa for Butters. Packaging, HE, vegetable oils origin France or Europe (Aroma Zone)

250 ml, 100 ml


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